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Originally Posted by BrokenAlice View Post
My schedule isn't exact yet, but I'm still trying to decide if I want to do Maizono, Sonia, or Tsumiki from Dangan Ronpa for friday or saturday and tsukimi from kuragehime if i'm able to get her done~ I'm definitely being Schneewittchen from Sound Horizon on sunday though with my group C:
Oh man, you guys are doing a group Sound Horizon cosplay?! I NEED to get a picture of and with all of you! *_* SH in general or is it mostly Marchen? I love the character designs and music agghhh
Planned Cosplays:
AnimeConji 2014 - Kirito - Raishin
AX2014 - Chrom (Fire Emblem) WIP - Kirito - Male!Kiryuin Satsuki (KLK) WIP - Shiba Tatsuya (Mahouka) (maybe)
AF2014 - Kaname (Vampire Knight) - Some from above too (not sure yet)
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