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Unfortunately, I had only seen reviews for this person on the old commissioner thread. Had I seen this more recent thread, perhaps I wouldn't have commissioned them

Name of Commissioner: Milzarr Celrus/Errido
Website/ Gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Future Style Kagamine Rin module from Project Diva F (shirt, skirt, tie, arm warmers, socks, and hair bow)
Links to Picture(s) of Your Commissioned Item: I never actually received it, but these were sent to me via E-mail... 95 04 25 45 72

Timeline: January 3rd - Now (April 24th)

Describe your Experience:

Pros: Very friendly in the beginning. Communication was fast. The outfits in their gallery were absolutely gorgeous. From what I understand, costumes are a team effort, so I felt that my cosplay was in good hands.

Cons: Well, the most disappointing part of this experience is that I never actually received my costume. I have lost a total of $157.12 after shipping, $130 of which was my grandmother's. Contact drastically slowed down after the costume was supposedly shipped. Contact has ceased now. The convention I planned on wearing this outfit to has passed. Sadly, it's way too late to file a PayPal dispute.

Comments: Okay, so on July 24th, 2013, I sent an E-mail asking Milzarr if they still do cosplay commissions. I had seen their previous work (see above link) and I thought the outfits were incredibly beautiful. They replied on January 3rd, 2014 to tell me that they had just reopened on the 1st. I figured they had just been on a hiatus, which is fine. Over the next week, we discussed the price, deadline, and measurements. I was told that the outfit would be $130 for the shirt, skirt, tie, arm warmers, socks, and hair bow. I thought this was pretty decent, considering their past projects were so lovely. As for the deadline, I told them I needed the costume by the beginning of April since the convention would be later that month. They said they would probably finish it before March, which was fine by me.

On January 9th I paid in full (big mistake! Now I guess I know for the future...) and told them to ask any questions if they needed anything. On February 23rd, I heard back from them. They showed me the completed outfit (see above pictures) and asked if I was okay with the final product. I said it was great, paid the $27.12 shipping (they said I should receive it in 3-7 days), and that's when they told me they would send me the tracking number when it was available. Great, so everything was going pretty well. That is, until three weeks went by with no sight of the costume, or even the tracking number for that matter.

I sent an E-mail on March 13th asking if my costume had been shipped out yet (though, by that time I was wondering if maybe it got lost in the mail). They said that my costume was shipped, but they forgot to send me the tracking number and I should have received it by now. Then they said that they would "check". Check what? The tracking number that you didn't give me? I don't know.

Anyway, three more weeks go by with no costume. I E-mail them two more times (once on March 18th and once on March 26th) before I finally got a reply on April 1st. The E-mail simply said "Have you received the costume yet?". That was the last I heard from them. I E-mailed them twice after that, and I sent a third using a different E-mail address, thinking that maybe there was something wrong with my usual address. Still nothing. I don't think I'm getting my costume.

Overall, this has been a pretty horrible experience. I have lost a total of $157.12, which is the first (and hopefully the last) time I've spent a decent amount of money and received nothing in exchange. It's a real shame because I liked what I saw in those pictures. I sincerely hope that this review is helpful and that people stay away from Milzarr Celrus/Errido. I don't want anybody else to be disappointed when they see an awesome costume that they'll never actually get to wear, like me.

What I find strange is that they competed my costume, shipped it (supposedly), and "forgot" to send me the tracking number. If they planned to rip me off all along, why actually put in the time and effort to make the costume? Was it just to squeeze the shipping cost out of me? What about the tracking number? Did they honestly forget to send it to me, or was it just so I couldn't see proof of shipment? Was this all a huge misunderstanding? I might have considered it, had it not been for the other two reviews saying that they didn't receive anything as well. That being said, I think it's safe to assume that I will not be getting my costume. If I sort this out, I will update this post.

Final Grade: F+ Never Recieved. The + is only because the costume had actually been completed.

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