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Name of Commissioner: UniqueCreator

Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Silent Hill Nurse dress, mask and hat

Links to pictures of your commissioned item: pre stained-

post staining-

post painting-

Timeline (how long your order took to process) December 11th, 2013- April 7th, 2014

Describe your Experience- i had contacted Uniquecreator while looking for a commissioner to create my nurse costume. i needed a commissioner to make it because i wanted pockets in the back to carry my items, and i had tried contacting Setsuna Kou, who did not respond. Uniquecreator was polite and willing to break down the cost of each item, making the price seem fair.and she was willing to accept my deadline, early April, and let me do a payment plan.

there were a few mess ups, where her first attempt at my mask was most certainly not what i wanted...a mistake on her part, as i guess she overlooked the reference image for the mask i had sent in january, before any work had even begun on the dress. and communication was rather minimal. when i got the package, it was very well packed, even in plastic bags. she did surprise me in the fact that she even made a framework for the mask to keep it in place. the only disappointment is that the pockets are over my middle back instead of my butt when i tried it on...though this may be due to the fact the dress is on the short side.

Pros- polite, friendly-ish, quick, good quality. cares about the customer and is fair. she even saved me money on the shipping and returned the extra money promptly!

Cons- minimalist conversation, long gaps in communication. and she was constantly asking me to "bear with her" and be patient, despite the fact i'd often wait 2 weeks in between sending her a message. probably not as friendly as she could be, it definitely felt like it was all business. and it felt like she would tend to ignore some of my questions. a little disorganized at times possibly. the dress also is quite stiff around the shoulders and doesn't really fit comfortably there...though i'm not sure whose fault that is, or if it's just the fabric.

Comments- certainly a good commissioner, though i feel she could use some improvements in her communication skills. does good quality work though, so i would recommend her readily.

Final Grade: B
Conventions/Cosplays!= Animazement 2015/ Silent Hill Nurse

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