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Name of Commissioner: Chergnomebyl

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.): Artemis from Young Justice's bow

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: This is their picture. I have my own pictures, but I have no experience in archery whatsoever and it's pretty obvious from the way I hold it. o_o;

Timeline (how long your order took to process): Chergnomebyl contacted me August 10th, 2013. I believe I sent the down payment on the 11th of August, and I either received the bow on the 23rd or the 24th of October, 2013. I needed it in time for a convention that started on November 1st, 2013, so I received it a week before.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: I posted an ad in the marketplace and Chergnomebyl PM'd me on August 10th, 2013 asking for more details (e.g. what size I wanted the bow to be). They then gave me an option for the bow to pull back or not to pull back with a quote for both choices. I was confused by what they meant by pulling back. I was a bit afraid to ask for clarification because I was pretty sure that the meaning was pretty obvious: that you can draw the string back. But I wanted to make 100% sure that it didn't mean that you could fire it.

Anyway, they clarified what they meant nicely to me, and I really appreciated that because I was really embarrassed to ask that question.

I think I sent the down payment on the same day or the next day. Probably the next day which was August 11th, 2013.

On October 17th, 2013, I received a picture of the completed prop and it looked great! Then I paid the second half + shipping.

Thing is, I sent the payment through Paypal's mobile app and, at least at the time, they didn't give you an option to select a shipping address so they used the default one. Which happened to be the address of an apartment I had recently moved out of. Major facepalm there. So, I mailed Chergnomebyl and told them I wanted it shipped to a different address.

There was a communication error of some sort and it was still sent to the apartment. They let me know this right away and I was able to go online and submit a change of address through Fortunately, that seemed to work because it was sent to the right address on either the 23rd or the 24th. I forget. Anyway, I mention this because I really appreciate that they let me know of the situation so I could do something about it. They also offered to pay for the shipping again, even though it was my fault for giving a wrong address in the first place.

The craftmanship of the bow was really nice and it's a very clever design. I say this because the area where you grip the bow isn't a solid object. It's made so the inside is hollow, thus making it very, very light. Being able to draw it back was really cool, too. When I took it to Comikaze, a lot of people approached me because they were impressed with it.

Final Grade: A+

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