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This will only be my 3rd year attending, but I plan on attending many more in the future. Overall, I had a wonderful time taking pictures, attending panels, getting autographs, and much more. My only two main concerns were having signs to show where lines begin/end for panels and autograph sessions and watching the doors at the beginning of the masquarade. People seem to have a hard time getting behind others who are already in line. At least twice last year, there would be a line for something and others would just walk right up to the front and stand as if the line did not exist. There was almost a stampede just for the masquarade! We'll all fit inside the ballroom. No need to hurt anyone. Still, I'd certainly recommend this one as a good "first-timer" con, as it's not too big and it's not too small. The guest list was also out of this world! XD Make sure you wear comfortable shoes or at least have a back up pair in the car or your room if they don't fit in with your cosplay. While there are eating places (more for your money outside the convention), snacks that don't easily melt are also a good idea if you find that your schedule is busy.
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