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hello lovely people~
i'm not sure if this is the right place. or if i should post in another board. but i'm having a whm relic outfit from FFXIV commissioned. she is just doing the outfit, so i'm trying to find the accessories. gloves, the bags, belt, and boots. i also want to make a thyrus.

i noticed ViaSapientis on here made an outfit and talked about making the thyrus. my dad and his friend are going to make the base out of wood, while having the staff part be the handle of a rake or a broom. i'm pretty new to making weapons. i was wondering what would be the best to make the thyrus from? what kind of paint would be best? how to get the blue orb thing in there, or what should i use for it?

ideas on the circlet-looking belt would be great too. and if anyone has any ideas on where to get those tiny bags. this weekend i'm going out looking for them, but any suggestions are great.

for the gloves i was going to get a pair of white cotton dress gloves, then cut it so it's in a point, like the top of a triangle. any ideas on how to do that so it doesn't fall apart or stay on my hands?

i'm pretty open on the budget, though cheaper the better. my apartment is my workspace. or i could possibly borrow the engineer workshop at work.

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