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Name of Commissioner: LKD/Elkayadee Threads

Website/ gallery: -
Facebook -

Character commissioned and series/video game: Disney - Cinderella

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:

Bodice - Click for bigger pic

Dress - Click for bigger pic

Back - Click for bigger pic

Headband & Cocker - Click for bigger pic

Wig which is being restyled by a friend - Click for bigger pic

Wearing Cinderella Dress with Headband - Click for bigger pic

Better Pictures to come soon

Timeline: March.10th,2013 - May.8th,2014

Describe your Experience: I had found out about her through at first I seen her post something on the Disney Forum on here then once I seen an ad go up from her I contacted her.

I asked her about if she did commissions for people in Canada and at the time I was deciding between two different Cinderella Dresses Nikita's and one other's which I was given the price quote difference on both of them that I wanted.

We discussed so many things that I didn't understand but she informed me what she was talking about with gloves, hoop skirts, petticoats, piping on the bodice and I even bugged her I think maybe 2 - 3 times about changing Charming to something different before it was started and finally came to a decision on what we both of us really liked.

After my first payment towards her she started working on it her progress was amazing almost right after the payment I seen progress photo's starting to happen even if it was something as showing fabrics which I was very surprised about to happen so quickly.

It took her longer then expected to finish Cinderella but the result is amazing I couldn't be happier with Cinderella then I already am ............... We are just waiting on one more item to come from this amazing commissioner which happens to be my fiancÚ's Charming.

Pros: Looked at fabric right away, Saw the fabric choices right away that was shown through messages that she had from something else, Was Always kept up to date unless hard at working on commissions or doing her own thing which I understood, Was packed perfectly and so great with the hanger and everything I needed right away.

Cons Nothing that was her fault or doing: Wig came got all messy during shipping I don't blame on her cause that's the shipping fault not hers so it's been restyled by a close friend, Neck Chocker accidently broke again not her fault at Kidsfest but thankfully I had a back up to use my ribbon instead which will be getting fixed and the Gloves you have to remember if your wearing them for the first time in your life not to put them on too tight or they will tear.

Final Grade: A+
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