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Name of Commissioner: Arda Wigs

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Inigo - Sandy Brown

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: These are all one's after it was cut

Front - Click for bigger pic

Side - Click for bigger pic

Back - Click for bigger pic

Unpacking it at -

Timeline: May.28th,2014 - June.12th,2014

Describe your Experience: Found out about Arda Wigs through a friend who told me that I could contact them and they would help me pick out a wig and the right color it needed to be for a cosplay that I needed this for.

I sent a e-mail a few days latter explaining to Arda Wigs that I needed a wig and wanted there suggestion on which wig would be the best for me and to create the look I wanted from the wig itself.

I sent them pictures of the cosplay that I would be wearing it with and the original anime picture of the look I wanted to create with the wig itself then they suggested that I go with
Inigo - Sandy Brown and that all it needed was a little trimming.

Pros: Where very helpful helping me choose the wig and color that it needed to be to suit the anime person that I would be cosplaying and to create the look I wanted with the wig itself, Well packaged, Well shipped to me, Great quality wig.

Cons: Nothing other then the box was put outside our front door but that was the postal person's fault not there fault at all so I don't blame them for that other then that everything was great.

Final Grade: A+
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