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Name of Commissioner DreaM HunteR
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Character commissioned and series/video game Togame from Katanaagtari, entire costume, including shoes.
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item Lol. ?????
Timeline Well, so far it has been 1 year, 2 months since I initially commissioned the costume. I paid her in April of 2013 and haven't received the costume, photos or any contact from her since November when she said she was going to give me a discount, finish the costume and send it to me. Nothing.
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments. Lets see, last year I commissioned Togame from Katanagatari. It was my first time commissioning and I was nervous already since I wasn't sure what I was doing. DreaM HunteR was the most reasonably priced. I commissioned this in April and did not need it until June, which was a rather short amount of time, but I paid extra for it.

At first everything was fine. I sent the money via paypal, and corresponded with her via email. She took my measurements and kept me abreast of when she was going shopping, and promising photos when she started to get things finished. Fast Forward to May, I do shoot her an email asking how everything is coming along, she tells me she has the body part finished with the fabric for everything else bought, but she has 2 other commissions to finish and I will see progress photos next week. (May 20-26th) Fine... Fast forward again to the next week, I email her and nothing. Email again a few weeks later and nothing... I dont hear anything until July 17th (where now she missed the con I needed for in June) where she says she will have my costume done by August 4th for sure and for all the hassle would give me $30 off. While I was disappointed not to have it for June, I figured I would wear it in September. No big deal, it happens and I thought the $30.00 was a nice gesture, even though she would be 3 months late...

Well September comes and goes, of course, and I email her again. This time she never replies. I contact her on here, she responds with how sorry she is and how she had personal problems. I get it, but now Im really annoyed since I would rather either she refund my money or just finish the costume and send it to me, something ANYTHING! She tells me I will have it in November for sure. November comes and goes, I email her, message her..nothing. I havent heard from her since November and now it is over a year.

I held off on posting a review since I really hoped she would pull through and just get me my costume. But no luck, which sucks because I wanted (still want?) to cosplay this character so badly. Since then, I have commissioned other people for other costumes with great success and I am so sad I didnt have my good experiences first.

Final Grade: F- [Maybe I will change it if I EVER get anything to actually review]
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