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Ayase Shin Cosplay Review

I hired Ayase Shin in late March to make a Toph Bei Fong wig for me. The progress pictures were to die for! It took longer than expected because of all of the other commissions she was doing. I received my wig 2 days before the convention that I needed it for. I tried it on, and the bangs were too short. They were perfection in the pictures. Perhaps my head is bigger than the mannequin head? Probably. I had a momentary freak out about it. Stress from work and problems with my cosplay costume alterations finally crashed down on me. I combed out the longer parts of the wig, put some of the hair behind my ears, and it looked better. The problem with the bangs was easily solved with a trip to the local beauty supply store to get some extensions. I trimmed them the best I could and put them in. PERFECTION! Here's a link to me in the wig:

Ok so, here's the overview of it all:
-Character Commission:
Toph Bei Fong wig, Avatar the Last Airbender
Always answered my questions. Kept me posted. The wig looks great!
Took a little longer than I expected. Bangs were too short on my massive head, lol.

Overall Score:
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