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*Sorry this is so long*
This was my first ALA and it was so much fun. I loved the ball as well as the dance class that was the last event the con held.
With that being said, I first want to address the girl who took the escalators to her car, it's a much easier way, especially if you have luggage. If you can't take the escalators you either have to go down the ramp and down another ramp again into the garage. Or you have to go down the ramp and down stairs. From the outdoor sub-level patio you can easily roll your suitcase into the garage. I do have to say the room adjacent to the doors that exit to the pool was poorly monitored. People were able to ghost the con and enter the pool deck by simply walking through there.
Onto my main concerns:
1. The main con-level floor was always hot, for a con during winter (even in Cali) it'd be nice for it to be cool enough to wear cosplays that have a winter appearance. It would also be so that we could wear kigurumis. When I went down at night (especially in the karaoke room) I was in my kigu and burning up, it'd be nice if it felt like the A/C was on.
2. Underage drinking. Someone I knew had a meltdown and I later found out it was because she had been drinking. It left another friend upset and caused trouble. Some people are ok with supplying drinks to people who are underage, I don't condone such behavior and would hope the con could have it written somewhere. [Maybe I didn't see it if was noted.]
3. Pot Usage -IF ANYTHING PLEASE FOCUS ON THIS- The first night I tried to sleep someone was smoking on the balcony (facing the outside of the hotel), with our door closed we could smell it, I have asthma so it really bothered me. I ended up going out and politely asking the guy to stop, which he did. Then one of the mornings the fire alarm on our floor went off. People were coming out of their rooms, I was barely dressed and kind of freaked out with no shoes on, I wasn't going to risk my life for shoes. Some people stayed on the floor looking out the window trying to figure out what was happening. My roommate and I went down 5 flights of stairs to the lobby where I located a hotel staff member. He had no idea a fire alarm went off, everyone was going about their business and he said to ignore it. It was quite embarrassing to be in the lobby looking so shabby. When I went back up someone on the floor said someone was just smoking it up.
4. Our balcony door locked automatically, it had a key card lock and it didn't even register a card went in. If I hadn't tested it beforehand someone could have been locked outside.
5. I myself am a photographer and cinematographer and it's one of my favorite things to do at cons. The only problem I had with others was just hogging space. If they were hired by the con I completely understand, otherwise the biggest problem was under the gazebo. Someone had a dolly set up and every time I went out hoping to take some photos there, they were there. Maybe there can be a rule for only handheld/body mounted stabilizers (ex.glidecams and flycams) in crowded areas like the pool and patio rather than a dolly?
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