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Lina Inverse from Slayers
Timeline: i order June 9 and it arrived June 19.
Pros: ordering the costume in a custom size was easy and the website was fast to respond with answered to questions. the costume shipped out without any problems and i got it fairly fast.
Cons: whoa okay. to start with the costume fit was a bit off, but i am plus size so i find commissioners have a hard time getting the sizing perfect. and the boot covers they provide are truly awful.

my major problem with them was this:
my first time actually wearing the costume, the red fabric RAN all over the gloves and boots i was wearing turning them pink. the fabric they picked for the cosplay is very low for a costume that cost almost $200.

Cosplay Magic has Contacted me and have promised to remake the pieces that have been ruined, i'm currently waiting for them to be shipped, i will update my review when it arrives

i think the quality varies from cosplay to cosplay. and if it wasn't for the poor fabric i would of rated them higher

Final Grade:B-

i will upload photos when i get home from work, if anyone wants to see the damages
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