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Okay, I have a few reviews to do haven't gotten around to them

but here they are

Name of Commissioner:TheCosplayFox

Character commissioned- Wig From Pokemon x and y female trainer or in otherwords Serena

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item-Will Post later

Timeline (how long your order took to process)- January-May My dead line was far but she said she would take a month to do it but it actually wasnt to me for about 3 months.

Describe your Experience. The communication was good in the beginning but sort of fell short middle - end. Anyway I was disappointed and unsatisfied with the result. The wig and labor and everything cost 70. I paid 50 upfront. SO I owed only 20. Everything was going good until a month past and it was hard to communicate with her but she had I guess personal issues going on so I guess that was fine. But when the wig got to me I was very disappointed in the craftsmanship and work on the wig it was tangled and all over the place even on a wig head, the box it came in was a bit damaged but the wig had a ton, of tangles. Anyhow I voiced how I requested wig clips to be sewn into the wig but that didn't happen. The good news is she refunded me 15 dollars for the trouble but then said I only paid half when I paid clearly more than half. In the end I didn't use the wig at all. I offered to pay her the rest of the payment but she didn't want it which was also a positive

Pros, Good communication in the beginning, ships out product, takes responsibility
for mistakes.

Cons, Poor quality work on wig, lack of communication middle - end

Comments. I have seen this girls work and I do think she is a good commissioner, it just unfortunately did not happen with my wig. Felt like it was just rushed or forgot about. But I do commend her for getting my product to me and refunded me a little bit back.

Final Grade: C-

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