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==Senshi Fuku==
-Did you use a figure skating uniform or t-shirt or leotard as a base?

I used a regular white cotton/lycra (matte finish) leotard for the base of mine, and then cut and resewed the front into the type of V-neck that I needed (and surprisingly, it was simple and holds REALLY well.. ^_^)

-Is your collar attached or removable?

Mine's kind of both. It's attached, but by a few stitches, at the bottom of the 'V' of the v-neck. A couple of snips to the collar, and it's off and can be replaced for another senshi. ^^

-How does your collar attach/is it attached all the way around?

It's made to slip over my head after I step into/pull up the leotard. (it's actually a dance leotard, so there aren't any snaps on the crotch of it.)

-Where did you get the 'button' in the center of the bow?

Wonderful, wonderful sculpy and acrylic paint, and high-gloss varnish. ^^ Make a Sculpy ball, squish it flat with the palm of your hand, and bake. ^^ Oh, and sanding them before you paint is a good thing. ^^

-Did you stuff the piping around the skirt and sleeves with cotton fluff or batting?

I wanted it accurate, so yes. Mine's got three arm tube thingers (which will eventually be redone for a later costume, but yeah.. ^^ and they're attached separately to the costume. I'm going to try making them out of one strip of fabric sometime though.. ^^; And the skirt thing is just another tube that basically comes to a point on the ends, and is sewn to look like a 'v' in front. A _low_ V.

-Where's you get the shoes?

Newport News. They're PERFECT for Sailormoon. XD

-What's your opinion on boot covers?

Honestly, I don't like them, and I refuse to use them if I can find actual shoes simliar to the ones I need.

-How'd you make your tiara?

I bought it previously. It's metal, and attaches to my (real) hair with velcro. ^^ I"m going to have another made though by a local custom jewelry place soon.

-Do you carry accesories with your costume?

I've got a moon stick and a transformation brooch made from Sculpy and various paints/plastic jewels for the costume. So yes.

-Anime or manga?

A mix of myu, anime, and manga, actually...and a bit of original design. ^^

-What fabric types?

Cotton/lycra for the leotard, some stretchy stuff for the puffed tubes, and then a foil metallic stretch stuff for the skirts/collar. Oh, and I used a braided cord for the stripes. ^^;

-How much did it all cost?

My husband's grandma originally was making it, and it would've only cost about $50.00 had she done it right (not including wig or boots). Now it's up to about... $150.00 (not including wig, but including boots.)

-Did you pleat your skirt?

It's a circle skirt. It's got a couple of _small_ pleats, to make it hang correctly, but beyond that, no.

-Have you ever seen or used the McCall's discontinued Sailor Moon pattern?

Seen it, but have no desire to use it. I looked it over well when it first came out and didn't want to have anything to do with it.. ^^;

==Live Action Uniforms and Fuku==
-Can anyone tell me what the emblem on their right sleeve is?

It's a blue shield-type shape, but I don't know what the white embroidery on it is. o.o; Looks like a crown to me.

-How do these collars attach? Seems to be from inside, doesn't it?

The school fuku attach (I assume) all along the neckline, and open in the front, because their new shirts are button-down. As for the senshi fuku, they attach from the inside.

-Does anyone have plans yet to cosplay these new outfits?

Nope. I don't like the new design (and why are they turning Usagi's senshi fuku from red/blue to pink/blue???) x.X;;; I dislike the round collar backs of the school fuku, and I dislike the skirts of the senshi fuku. I also don't like the way they chose to do the shields of the upper parts of the senshi fuku.
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