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2015 Attack on Titan gathering

The time has come to start planning the Attack on Titan/ Shingeki no Kyojin Gathering for ALA 2015!

Date: Friday
Time: 2:00pm - 2:20pm
Location: Patio

Hosts (So Far): TricksterRedux, LinkPwnsGanon

I am also looking for people to help me host this gathering since it is large fandom. If you would like to help me host, please let me know! I'm happy to have all the help I can get!

Please, go ahead and start posting if you'll be going and what you're cosplaying and I'll add you to a list on here so we know how many people to anticipate!! Thank you!

Facebook Event (Courtesy of LinkPwnsGanon): ce=49


:Survey Corps:
-LinkPwnsGanon (Queen Mikasa)
-DeCipherTheMind's Sister
-Seismogenic's Friend

:Special Operations Squad:
-rinyamato2690's friend
-NekoMimi16's husband
-Tricksterredux (Angel Petra)

:Military Police Brigade:


:Training Corps:
Thomas Wagner


:Other Characters:

//Undecided Cosplay//

Look alive, people! As of this moment, there are 12 Days until ALA! ALA is less than two weeks away, badges are sold out, guests have been announced, chosen panels announced, among other things! So you know what that means! Clean those cameras, style those wigs, hop on those cosplays if you haven’t already, and GET PUMPED for Anime LA 2015!

Now that the time is closer, it’s time to start doing picture requests! Of course at the gathering we will have each character go up in a group so everyone can take photos of those specific characters as well as a each division (survey corps, military police, garrison, etc.) and a group photo at the end. However, we need requests for pictures! This means any pairings, scenes, etc. Anything you can think of! You can either post here with your request or send me a PM and we’ll start a list going!

And don’t worry if you can’t think of one now, but do at the gathering. I’ll have a printed copy of all the requests, so find either me (as Angel Petra) or Diana (as Queen Mikasa), let us know, and we’ll add it if it isn’t there already!
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