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I am planning on cosplaying as Uriko from Bloody Roar in her beast form, and dont know what would be the best way to hide my....bits. If you know what she looks like, then you'll know that she has quite tight fitting clothes around that area that go down to her thighs, plus shes covered in fur in beast form.

So whatever I use can go all the way down to my thighs, especially as I'll be wearing fur over the top anyway. I was thinking of getting 2 unitard type things with the same waist and height, but one in a male shape and one in a female. They would both only cover from above my knees upto my shoulders. This means I could then put foam padding between them for what I lack, and the 2 layers from this plus the fur and then her costume should be enough to hide what I have. This would then create something I could use for other non-skimpy crossplay.

What do people think? Ive never done anything like this before.
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