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I've done 2 anime/manga (Moon and Pluto) and I'm almost, almost done with my Myu Pluto.

==Senshi Fuku==
-Did you use a figure skating uniform or t-shirt or leotard as a base?
Moon -- Leotard. Plutos -- Green Pepper all the way!

-Is your collar attached or removable?
All 3 of them are removeable. Don't ask how many snapes are on the Myu. (I don't know how to set zippers so I had to improvise.)

-How does your collar attach/is it attached all the way around?
Snaps and more snaps.

-Where did you get the 'button' in the center of the bow?
Pluto is a plastic ring wrapped in fabric. Moon is sequins and Myu is Sculpey.

-Did you stuff the piping around the skirt and sleeves with cotton fluff or batting?
Yes. Fluff.

-Where's you get the shoes?
I make bootcovers for everything. I can make good ones fairly quickly now.

-What's your opinion on boot covers?
I like them is they look accurate and done well.

-How'd you make your tiara?
Wire and various fabrics. Plastic Rhinestones.

-Do you carry accesories with your costume?
I have Moon's wands, and I have the stuff to make a Time Key but I need to find a drill press.

-Anime or manga?
Yes. Myu too.

-What fabric types?
Moon -- Silkessence. It's soo flowy!
Pluto -- Baroque Satin. Yes Satin. It looks good!
Myu -- Casa Crepe and the requisite crapload of trim.

-How much did it all cost?
Too Much.

-Did you pleat your skirt?
For the regular senshi dresses, no I was going for the flowy manga look. For the Myu, sort of.

-Have you ever seen or used the McCall's discontinued Sailor Moon pattern?

==Live Action Uniforms and Fuku==
-Can anyone tell me what the emblem on their right sleeve is?
-How do these collars attach? Seems to be from inside, doesn't it?
-Does anyone have plans yet to cosplay these new outfits?

I Like the stuffed breastplate effect on the new senshi uniforms. It's the best way I've ever seen to capture the bustline that I've never really seen captured.
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