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Originally Posted by LostInTheTardis View Post
I am currently working on my first cosplay DIY and decided to go with some steampunk inspired wings. (I say inspired because I'm still learning) The backplate between the wings will be a functioning clock that I will make and paint from hand (though probably buy the mechanisms for it)

This design is relatively simple because it is my first project ever. I have plans for a far more involved winged jetpack but I want to see if I can complete this first before moving on to the hard stuff (Practice makes perfect! )

Honestly I am a little hesitant to post this because I'm scared of backlash as I've seen quite a few people yelling at and harassing people dressing in steampunk cosplay without "understanding" it. But I adore the aesthetic (even if I can't afford the fancy stuff, so yeah gluing gears and metal stuff to things is going to have to do until I can afford otherwise :/ )

image hosting over 5mb

This Paper, tape, and coat hanger is only a prototype though (and almost entirely haphazardly cut/taped) . I'm basically only trying to get a feel for the size and shape/visuals of the wings and this will likely not be their final form. As I said earlier it will have a functioning wooden clock (with 12 spokes, not 11 in the pic) that will have some embellishments painted and attached later on. The actual wing parts will be fully feathered (I'm thinking hawk inspired colors) and it will all be on a belted harness (I dont know yet if it will be crossbody or just plain shoulder+chest straps)
Great start! I'm curious where you are getting crap for steampunk. Not here I hope.

My whole family are preparing to go full steampunk for both cons and just bumping around on the weekend when we feel quirky.

Don't ever let anyone shame you out of something you like (unless it is illegal or dangerous). Be who you are and the rest can accept it or not.
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