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It's been a year since I first contacted Katja for a full costume commission. At first she was extremely helpful - organized a payment plan and everything. When I requested progress photos (which to me is standard when getting commissions done, regardless of it being cosplay or otherwise) she ensured she would send them to me. A whole year and I have not seen one photo. Throughout the year I have had to instigate communication every time, except for one email that she sent to me which was the only email that detailed work she has apparently done and her reason behind not liking to send progress photos.

She is five months late for our original agreed June finish date and I have spent almost $1,500 (AUD).

I think while she is quite a nice person to speak to, her business management is awful and I definitely wouldn't recommend her because of that. I had no reason to think she wouldn't be trustworthy based on her Kylo Ren commissions but this has been by far the most stressful commission I've ever had.
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