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Hi, I am attending Nan Desu Kan for the first time this year. Are there anyone who have been to the con before that can give me some advises? I just missed the pre-registration and I have some questions about on-site registration.

1)Where do registrations usually take place(like in the main hall etc.)?
2)How long are the lines usually?/How much time does it take to get through registration?
3)How early should I be there?

Thank you.
Hey there! I've been going to NDK for Um.. over 10 years now? Soo I think I can help.

1. on that page there's a link called 2016TabloidFullMap that has a map of the hotel. Basically in the Hotel lobby there are stairs/escalators going downstairs and registration is down there.

2. I'm not the best person to ask for this, since I always pre-reg. That said I don't think it'll be a deal where you're in line for 4 hours straight or anything.

3. Onsite registration opens on Friday at 1:00 PM- 8:00 PM. That said, someone who deals with onsite registration lines could give a better answer. I would say maybe settle in the area about an hour early with some snacks, and watch some anime/play games on your phone or if you have a 3DS or anything.. IDK just something to keep you busy. That way you can jump right into line when registration opens
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