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Originally Posted by xRenascent View Post
I don't do on-site registration either, but I had a friend a couple of years back who had to do so. I think he had to wait like half an hour tops, and that was on Saturday morning? I'd give or take an extra half hour just to be on the safe side, maybe more if you're going during peak hours.

The con is in one hotel (or so I believe) but it's split up via Court Place and they connect internally via the skybridge on the second floor. There's also some water stations at every part of the con, but be sure to bring some extra water in case if they don't get filled up for a while.

Also, due to recent events, from what I've heard they had to beef up security a bit, so if you don't have your badge in certain areas they'll have to ask you to leave.
Thank you so much on providing these useful information. Just one more question, sorry to bother you. I just read up on the schedules and other things and I saw something about panel passes. I am confused on where and where to get them.
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