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As a fellow glass-wearer, I actually found a solution to some of my costume problems, but I'm not sure if this would work for you. But it might, so here goes:

I took my last set of glasses and removed the lenses from them. Since they were only 1 point off my current set, I was actually encouraged by my doc to hang onto them (I'm sure they thought it was a breakage issue...boy were they wrong). But I took the lenses and actually glued them into my forthcoming armor's helmet at the right spots.

So for your costume, based on the pics I Googled, I might consider converting an old set into a swimmer's goggles, with the nose-bridge being colored the same as your makeup (or even done in the same makeup as well). You then give a light coat of paint for the eyes and the deep shadows of his eye sockets, something you can accentuate with a little makeup on yourself, and not thick enough to obscure your actual vision. Granted, my own costume doesn't require multiple colors (in fact, I gave it a light grey to help hide my own eyes), but theoretically, it should work. I'd try a couple of test paints on some transparent material though.
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