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Ok, I have to start with your cosplay! Damn, I love it! I love the pose, and I love your interaction with the prop; you look really natural. And honestly, if I hadn't read your description that the prop was actually one of the keyblades from Final Fantasy I actually believed it to actually be part of Eyeless Jack's character.
As for the critique of the blade, honestly it's a bit hard to tell, because of the image quality and lighting. If you don't mind me saying, I browsed through the rest of your gallery with the EJ cosplay and yes, I'll agree with everyone else. It does look more weathered than from the images from your first post.
It really depends on how weathered you want it to be. I took a quick look of the keyblade on Google and from what I can't tell it's very close. However, if you want it to look more realistic (ie; as realistic as real world materials can be) I'd say continue adding the shadows/highlights as you were before. You mentioned to gypsy_girl that you didn't want to take away the shine, but if you're making a weathered looking weapon, I'd say you might have to sacrifice the shine for realism.
If you want realism, continue the work you were doing. If you want accuracy, add some minor tweaking if you like, but otherwise leave as is. There have been many times where I've seen others take creative liberty with accessories, costumes etc. and it they look fantastic despite it not looking accurate to the reference material (which is fine!).
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