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HOWTO: get together a studio photoshoot?

I've reached that point in my cosplay career where I'd like to try to bodge together something more than a "shoot at a park near the convention", but I'm still new to this and have absolutely no idea how to go about it -- that is, who do I contact, where do I find X resource, etc, etc. I know some people find studio space and such through their university, but I no longer have the luxury/curse of being in college

I know plenty of other people do this, given how many cosplay photos I see going around that are clearly arranged studio shoots!

Things I have (to some degree):
  • Some rough sketches for shot arrangements
  • A fairly passable photo editor (me)
  • A variety of appropriate props
  • Friends to help with wigs, makeup, etc
  • Minions to help on-location
  • Basic camera supplies (APS-C, flash, diffuser, etc)
  • Money

Things I definitely don't have:
  • Studio space! Where the heck do I find one? How do I arrange using it? Are there photo studios that specialize in cosplay work in the West?
  • Knowledge, a clue! How do I put all this together? Are there guides? etc
  • Equipment! Do studios have it? Do I rent it from shops? etc

If you're in the Bay Area and have specific resources to recommend I'm happy to accept that too (hecka awesome!), but I'm also interested in the more general knowledge and connections of.... how do people do this?
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