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Exclamation Looking for a group or person(s) to room with for AUSA; Floor space is fine

*NEW Edit* I've tentatively found a room, thank you! I'll change this if anything changes. */edit*

Hi there, I've been busy and AUSA is coming up fast. I've been there I think 3 times in the past, but I missed last year, and I'd REALLY like to make it this year! But I can't justify a room just for myself, and I live too far away from the con to drive back and forth each day. So I'm looking for a group or possibly person that has one extra spot in their room - I am willing to pay my fair share of the room of course, based on how many people are in it. I've stayed with groups like this countless times in the past [probably nearing 20 at this point], and I've never had any issues getting along with anyone, etc. I'm VERY polite, friendly, respectful and responsible, keep my stuff in a tidy corner, and I'm totally cool with floor space, I'll be bringing a sleeping bag.

Since I'm going to be at the con 98% of the day, and mostly just using the room to sleep and shower, and store anything I buy at the dealer's room, etc. However I do occasionally need to go back to the room to charge batteries, change into costume, etc. so it would be very nice to share a room at the hotel the convention is at [Washington Marriott Wardman Park]. That being said, it's too close to the con for me to be TOO picky, so I'd consider another hotel if it's within very close walking distance [two, maybe 3 blocks or so?]. I have no idea what other hotels, if any, are nearby. Again though, hoping for a room at the Marriott.

Personally I'd prefer a room with more people [to a point] to keep the cost down. 5-7 is ideal, 8 possibly but that's SUPER crowded. Less than 5 is fine as long as it's not too expensive, but again, I don't have a lot of time left, so in this case I'd be willing to pay a little more, so even if you've only got a couple people, please message me anyways and we'll talk details to see if it's an option. I REALLY appreciate anyone whom can share some space with me and help keep the con affordable [since I'm already having to pay to drive there and for parking over the weekend]. I'm VERY responsible with money, it's not that I'm broke - I already have money to pay for my share of the room, I'm just trying to be responsible because I know I have some significant bills coming up in a few months, and I can't justify nearly $200/night [once you include taxes] for just myself.

Quick side note, I've been burned before when paying for a room up front; if you really want to, I'm willing to pay a maybe $10-$20 deposit in advance, but the rest [or all of it, preferably] I'll pay in cash when we meet at the con. I'm happy to pay before I'm let into the room, I'm not trying to con anybody, I'm just trying to avoid getting burned myself - again. Don't worry though, I won't hold past experiences against my host, the rest of the times we've always had a wonderful con. I'm normally a very upbeat person.

Also, it should go without saying, but NO DRUGS OR OTHER ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES. I personally do NOT use any drugs, drink or smoke. I don't mind if other roommates [of legal age] drink, within reason, as long as it's not loud partying late at night, I do need some sleep haha. FYI I usually go to bed at cons roughly between midnight and 3AM, but I'm very quiet and considerate if others are sleeping when I get back at those hours.

Last thing, I do need a hotel for THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY nights [I'll be driving home Sunday]. I mention this because not everyone gets a hotel for Thursday night.

Anyways, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have, and we can talk briefly on the phone to verify/confirm things before finalizing anything, and I usually like to message a day or two before the con to make sure no plans have changed.

Thanks a ton in advance to anyone/group that can help me out! AUSA has always been a really fun con every time I've been there, and I'm SUPER looking forward to this year!

P.S. Please PM me instead of replying, I'll get your message sooner. Also, I'll be checking messages at LEAST once a day, usually a lot more often that that.

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