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Originally Posted by fioraaeterna View Post
So you're recommending we find a place to set up the scene *outside* and just bring all the lights/etc there?
Often, yes.

If the finished photo requires it, then yes. I lug my photo gear around quite a bit, and I'm usually pretty good at setting up studio-style equipment and getting studio-style results in whatever space is available. When I model for my photo clubs, those photographers carry a lot of gear around too. A couple of lightstands don't necessarily mean the shoot is taking place inside a dedicated studio. Sometimes I'll even drag a backdrop along.

Here's a case where I set up in a friend's living room to do promo portraits for our variety show - we were supposed to have a studio space but we got bumped at the last minute.
behind the scenes:

Here's where I set up on the stage at a performance venue to take pre-show portraits of the performers - I used that black plywood in the middle as my "backdrop."
behind the scenes:

Originally Posted by fioraaeterna View Post
A lot of my question just boils down to the basics: how do I find a studio space for rent? What are all these other people doing? Because I see tons of studio photography of cosplay, including behind the scenes photos demonstrating that people are clearly inside in a studio. But I don't know how or where people are going to do it.
Google search, social media search, or simply ask some experienced photographers in your area.

Check out photo clubs in your area; many of them have events held at studios, at other private locations, or in public locations. Look on Facebook or Meetup. Most photo clubs are often very happy to have new models - though, some clubs are better than others, some clubs are fantastic, some are a waste of time, some don't screen out creeps very well.

When you rent studio space, they sometimes offer lighting gear, either included with the studio rental or at an extra charge. I usually bring my own because I prefer working with familiar gear instead of just using whatever's available - I'd rather spend my energy working with the model instead of trying to figure out unfamiliar photographic equipment.
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