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It greatly depends on the area to be fitted what technique is best.

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"Tight" is not a desired factor in clothing. "Tight" indicates that it does not fit correctly. "Fitted" is what I deeply hope that you mean and are simply using the wrong term. So, what's the difference? In any garment, fitted is close to the skin, but does not have creases or wrinkles or pulls. Any of those factors indicate a poor fit (they can be the result of too loose as well as too tight). I see far too many people who mistakenly think those creases, which indicate the fabric being strained to it's maximum potential, mean that the garment is at it's best 'tight fit'. This is wrong (Tim Gunn will back me up on this until he dies). Fabric that is fitted but not strained over a body will always be more flattering to the human form underneath it than a too tight garment. Doesn't matter if it's a suit or a leotard.

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