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Official ALA Cosplay Gathering Page

Hi all!

There is now an official cosplay gathering Facebook page for ALA: HERE.

You can submit new gathering requests or share your existing gatherings at the FB page. If you have issues accessing Facebook, you still have the option of posting your new gathering requests here or just messaging me directly at Sickleweed AX.

I am helping out Sam Miyake-san, the official ALA staffer in charge of cosplay gatherings, strictly as a volunteer so for any questions/concerns about gatherings or sites I will always defer to their authority. We are still waiting for the sites information to be confirmed; as soon as that info is released I will contact each of the hosts in the order they submitted their gathering to confirm which site they would like. There are some hosts who have provided me with what their location preference is, but that is not set in stone since it will still depend on who put in their request first and if that location is still available.

If you would like to make any changes to your existing gathering, you can either post at the ALA cosplay FB, post here, or message me directly. For the ALA cosplay gathering schedule, click HERE.

Hope this helps!

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