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Originally Posted by TMLiza View Post
So I had to schedule an appointment to have my wisdom teeth pulled. :,) It was either next week or in mid-December. Yeah, AnimeNYC is next Saturday so I did it for December...and now I remembered the christmas konkon shoot is around that time. Well crap. I mean, it is a free event so I won't lose anything money-wise if I can't go but I've been wanting to go for a few years and I don't know how up for it I'll be(I'm really bad with pain in general).
I've been there. Your teeth won't hurt, just the area around where the teeth would be removed. You'll basically look like a chipmunk xD. But you'll probably get paid meds with a recovery package (not a huge one, just a small bag - it's been a while since both my sister and I both had our wisdom teeth removed so I don't remember.)
If your surgery is around that time, and you're more sensitive to pain than most people, you'll probably have to miss it, but if it's the day after or before or something you'll be ok.
Trust me, you probably want to go to a shoot well rested and being yourself. And you'll have to sleep on your back and not put pressure on your jaw area.
And fyi, once you awake from the surgery, which isn't very long but you'll definitely be out of it - the drug they used is heavy stuff - and I'm somebody that has high pain tolerance and usually back to my old self in about a week or so.
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