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yep.. cheap foam padding.. like that you use for padding chair cushians and such are the way to go... the 2 inch thick kind works great.. cut it so that it hits your hip bones and fads out about mid thigh. cut sorta like an egg.. but thinner at the bottom.. mine also curve out a little towards the butt to add more shaping.. theni wear a pair of white tights.. then the padding (with edges trimmed down to fad out) then 2 pair of flesh dance tights.. and then hose.. this gets rid of any seams with the padding and looks WAYYY real... this also keeps you from having to shave. and i'm not just sayin it looks good.. i have had str8 guys hit on me at the bar when i'm surrounded by my chick friends.. and i was in a mini pleated skirt showing alll sorts of leg and ass.. so yes.. it works just dandy...
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