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Originally Posted by BIOJECT
I've been spending months trying to enlighten my friends that crossplaying is awesome and that it takes balls to dress up as the opposite sex. They reply that they still won't hang with me during the expo and that I still would be gay for some reason. Now I really don't want any offense taken from this topic because I have no problem with gays, It's just... well... every guy I've seen on this board who does crossplay is and it doesn't help when your trying to get your friends to support you for doing something out of the ordinary.
Umm... I'm not gay.... Menchi isn't gay... Merle-kun isn't gay (he's quite desperate for a girl, actually! ~_^)... Jazon Bladen isn't gay...
Some of us are a little bit more androgynous and femme, but not gay.
Come to think of it, I can't really think of any guy crossplayers on here who ARE gay. The one obviously gay one is hesistant about crossplay, actually...

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