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i agree totally with Gren, myself being a gay male and having doing crossplay and drag for over 2 years i know the story and drag to get another males atention is the craziest idea i've heard of, although i have seen it.. *shivers* most gay men want nothing to do with a girl much less anything that LOOKS like one, you might be able to suprise a straight guy and get killed or excite a bisexual guy.. but other than that umm.. no..

myself.. i do drag as a means to let out my female side, no deferent than why a striaght male would. it gives me a chance to let out other emotions and be someone defent and not have to worry about what's going on in my life cause at the point i'm not me.. i'm her. i also do it to fool people which is a total blast. exspecially when someone thinks your a chcik think you drop your voice to a normal tone and stretch your nec to exspose your adam's apple.. hehe.. talk about a suprise.. but i do it for fun.. not to pick up anything.
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