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For both my Sailor-outfits (Sailor Mars and Eternal Sailor Moon) I used a pattern for a figure skating outfit (Butterick n°5781) and straitend up the back seem where the skirt comes. Those are just full circles hemmed with thik fishingwire.
For the collar I used a pattern from a marine sailor outfit.
For my Sailor Moon wings I used white cardboard cut to size, sandwiched some wire in between 2 layers of cardboard and hotglued the featheers on.
I've used the hair from a long-haired wig to make the buns.
Before I started I pinned down the cap of the wig to a foam wigbase. Then I made 2 pigtails and left a part for the frontpart, that I cut to length. I've attachted 2 open-uped extentions to eacht tail, the I curled up to tail to a nice bun and pinned it to itself. For extra support I've gluegunned the extentions and the buns to the base of the wig.
Some pics: the first one, the second one
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