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Color counts: Wear DARK colored pants if at all possible. Light-colored or white pants will just balloon your hips. >.<

Standing / walking: Avoid the classic female S-posture = pulled back shoulders with outthrust chest and butt. Tilt your hips forward (as if doing a pelvic thrust ) - you'd be amazed how much that lessens the butt.

Stand square on both feet - weight on one leg will tend to thrust out the opposite hip in a more "girly" manner and emphasizing it.

Posing: Stand with your hips 3/4 to the camera for the narrowest appearance. (If you then turn your upper body somewhat more square to the camera, the shoulders definitely get more emphasis over the hips.)

In that pose, another trick is to let your arm (the one more in front) hang down at your side in such a manner as to conveniently cover more butt.

Not a perfect example but not too bad:

Other tricks in that picture: low-waisted pants (yeah, girl's low-risers ), loose belt, tape binding (that's my real skin), and shoulder pads inside one of my husband's shirts. (I don't think I'm giving him that shirt back! )

The low-rise on those pants isn't super low, but I think that belt is at least 2-3" below my actual waist. I usually don't pad my waist (didn't there either), and I never "stuff".


Body Language: (Bonus edit!)

Guys naturally take up more personal space (social conditioning, I bet.) Do it. Let your elbows out. Sit with your knees apart, or your ankle on the opposite knee, etc.

Don't walk with your knees turned in! - Or even straight, if possible - try to make them go outward when you walk, like most guys. You'll probably have to walk with your feet turned a bit more out than you are used to, but it will look normal. (Good practice - try walking up and down stairs "like a guy".)


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