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LOL oh, there are more, they just don't speak up that often.

kylash327 and AngelSamui are Madtown too - the Cosplay Cuties are generally southern Wisconsin area.

Would like to take this opportunity to plug FilmCon4 in Madison Feb 20-22. I had been talking with the con chair about adding some anime programming, but I don't know what the status of that is right now. But I am the masquerade judge, and I encourage cosplayers to come out even if there isn't anything specifically anime going on. You never know what I might think up in the next month. It's a really teeny con, oriented mostly toward filmmakers, but there's enough general sci-fi, fantasy, and interesting movie stuff for most geeks to get something out of. It's going to be my first (non-anime) con where I'm not wearing any of my sci-fi costumes, just my anime cosplay.
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