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No weapons?

Sadly I myself shall not be attending. My poor rear lives all the way on the eastern side of Missouri. How ever there is a question I want to ask that I'm sure others would like to know. I understand and respect the need for zero weapons, props or otherwise. But what about things like empty gun holsters or empty sword sheaths and things of that nature. Is that ok or is that a no-no?

I'm sorry if I am asking a silly or stupid question that might get me in trouble but I would like to know just the same.

Also I am planing on attending Cosplay events in the future and yes my orginal characters do wear weapons. My question is what if I went there carring weapons that had the orange on the end of the muzzle? They are air type guns that take soft pellets only, they do look real but I would make sure not to load them or put an air cartridge in them. Plus I'd be sure to make that clear at the door straight away so I don't get taken away. But I wanted to know if that was ok or not? The items I want to buy can be found at this site.: (I know, it says guns but just go there and look around, I promise it's a airsoft guns, not the real thing.)

Thank you for your time.
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