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I too am trying to navigate the prop weapons that are okay vs the prop weapons that aren't world, Caldon Reyn (not for the picnic, but in general for cons).

Airsoft guns fall into that 'grey area' where they're toys but they're not, and my understanding is that most cons won't accept them anymore.... which is a shame, in that they look good and are a quick accessory piece, but I do understand the need for security...

Anyway, like was mentioned above, it does vary from state to state, so do some net research. I went to the official government page on firearms etc. and looked up my state (CA). It was kinda confusing, as recently the law that pertains to toy weapons in CA has changed, specifically in regard to airsoft guns, so that I can't really get through the legaleese on this one to the part of the law that is the most up to date... but its a good place to start to make sure that you're relativly secure in your position....
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