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This just came in the mail yesterday, in the newsletter that my brother's high school puts out:

(all emphasas is the writers of the alert, and not my own)

Orange Police Department Safety Alert!
Air Soft Weapons

Recently the Orange Police Department has responded to several calls involving jueveniles playing with guns. Althought these incidents involve mainly airsoft weapons, the Police Department CANNOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POTENTIAL FOR LETHAL INJURY in these situations. THEY ARE INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM ACUTAL FIREWARMS even to law enforcement. Lief or death circumstances require split-second decision-making. Each call is taken very seriously and acted uon, until determined, otherwise, as though the weapons are real firearms.

If contacted by police, immediatly place the weapons on the ground and follow all instructions given by police. Do not make any sdden movement. Follow Directions.

Airsoft weapons are replica air-powered firewarms that shoot 6mm plastic pellets. Since the guns fire pellets of plastic BBs at low velocity, many youths use them to play combat games and shoot eachotehr. They are nearly identical to the actual firearms and often contain interchangeable parts. As such, THEY ARE INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM ACTUAL FIREARMS AND SHOULD NOT BE DISPLAYED IN PUBLIC PLACES. Many ownder remove the required safety marking to make the weapon appear more realistic. Although marketed as such, they are not toys and can result in serious injury. All related safety material urges caution in use, including the wearing of protective gear, and supervision. The material also advises users "YOU SHOULD NEVER DISPLAY YOUR AIRSOFT WEAPON IN PUBLIC OF HAVE IT SITTING IN THE OPEN IN A VEHICLE."

Crimes committed with airsoft guns carry the same penalty as those committed with actual firearms, including brandishing a firearm to threaten someone, or brandishing in a threatening manner.
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