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Originally Posted by Scortia
I honestly used regular the-cheap-wall fabric and it was well received. Granted, this was back when I didn't think fabric mattered... I think if you're adventurous that a thin vinyl/pleather may be good. But in all honesty... even just the regular old cotton fabric got VERY HOT. so be aware that you're gonna bake.

More than that fabric, please be sure to do the collar well... nothing makes Haru cry more than a collar made with a white boa. ~_~;;
The pleather stuff can get insanely hot. My entire Dilandau costume was made out of that stuff and I just about died when I was in the dealers room or any of the crowded rooms at Nekocon. I figure, I can always take the coat off though. I might be wearing the school uniform that I already have underneath it since the challenge requires us to be in school uniform so we are easily recognizable. The school uniform is nice, cool, and comfortable. Wore it last Otakon and was very pleased when in warm areas ^_^

Definetly fur and not feathers for the collar. Haru wouldn't wear something with feathers *shakes head* I have feathers on my Tohma coat and I moult everywhere X_X but Tohma is definetly a feather person ~_^ Haru is not.
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