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Originally Posted by Hakujou_Muse
I know this is a stupid question but I must ask it anyway to save myself anymore anxiety surrounding this event...(lets just say work made me jump through hoops to get the day off)

Anyways, my crossplay is Zoro from One Piece...and it's really hard to be Zoro without 3 swords.

The ones I use are just the plastic ones you buy at the costume stores(they were so cheezy, I had to paint 2 of blades silver). I just really want a clear answer if these are a no or a yes to bring?

*bows* Thank you for your time!
No, these would be considered "fake" weapons which are not allowed. No weapons, real or fake.

To everyone: the moment a cop sees you running around with a sword or fake gun 100 feet away, the last thing he's going to say to himself is "it's ok, he must be cosplaying."
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