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..mind if I swoop?
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Let's see here.

Several years ago, I attempted Alucard from Castlevania based on stuff in my closet. I didn't even fuss with "strapping down the ladies" for it, since the shirt and vest I had hid most of it. It was for Halloween at work, and since I was doing tech support at the time, it's not like many saw it.

Lucius Malfoy's my first "serious" crossplay. Editing my body type AND my age to boot can be a little on the tricky side. The joys of liquid latex..

Down the road? As mentioned elsewhere, I've got a special place in heart..for dear Prince Lotor. If all goes well, it'd be nice to have him ready by my birthday in October. I think he'll be the most complicated crossing in my repetoire once he's done, but I think he'll be worth it if I put half of the obsessive-compulsiveness I put into him as I put into Malfoy. I may come back to Alucard at some point as well, but I'm thinking it will be at least next year before I seriously humor the idea.

Hmm...perhaps I'll look for red trim material today? *does the 'got paid' dance*
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