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Hey hey! Great to see and meet so many new people as well as all the familar faces at Catboi's gathering! Thanks again for all your help Catboi, even though I know your foot and schedule really kept us from doing much at all regarding gloves...but we did get that steel all set!

I'll post pics up sometime today or tomorrow since I lag everyone on our line when I upload and my bros tend to not like it when in the middle of a game.

ZeroGenerator, thanks SO much for bringing me home, hope the $ covered gas. Great to meet you and thanks for the trust you spoke to me about.

Catboi - Much fun was had, although I wished I could have cosplayed longer. Heh, oh well there's ACEN for that ^^. Yes I'll get it right that you tripped eventually, but hope your leg starts to feel better soon. I know you have tons of stuff to do but any clue if we can whip up some temporary gloves by ACEN?

Ruu-Chan, Leon, and Mike - It was a blast meeting all of you guys and welcome to the group! Ruu, I'll send those arcade pics that you wanted to you sometime soon.

Venus and Corrinne - GREAT to finally be able to cosplay and see you at the same time! It seems like we keep missing each other. Regardless of it's carry-ability, I will most definitely bring the shield to ACEN. Oh besides Pre-Reg paperwork, I'll bring some artwork and emails to ACEN to clear anything up should it arise...or just go looking for you BTW Corrinne, your costume looked very sharp and nice as well.

Well, guess I'm out for now. See everyone again soon. Good luck finishing everything left for ACEN!
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