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I had a blast at Acen, Mainly because I met and made friends with so many people there.
I finally got back in at around 10 last night, got to bed around 11 and slept until 12 today. ^_^ Guess the lack of sleep I got because I was too buisy haveing a blast at the party with beth kinda took it's toll, but it was so worth it. Haven't been that drunk in years.
I am so glad to hear everyone had a blast, my only disapointments were the hotel staff and how rude they were (we complained about 6 or 7 times I think), how Rude the Con Staff was, How I really didn't find anything I was really looking for in the dealers room (still got a couple things though), and that Morgan never got my hat done.
Of all those, the one about my hat pissed me off the most, I told him to tell me if he did not have the time and I would go and buy one that would work, but oh no he said he could do it. ~.~' "come back and see me at 10 or 11 tonight". Why bother at that point the day would of been almost done by then.
But oh well, I'll still exspect the hat to be made, and soon ::glare::
Glad everyone had fun!
Hope to see you all again soon!
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