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Yay! Good to see everyone's back in one piece and that everyone still had some fun despite anything that came up. Got back @ 6am and slept till' 5 heh... Was neat stopping at Denny's near Kalamazoo in costume lol!

Morgan - Was nice seeing you at the table n'all, and it was still great going and really enjoying myself. Hopefully these kinds of delays don't happen as much in the future. Oh yeah, I'm going to have to come by to atleast work on things, but I would like to get my stuff back (bags mostly) that I left downstairs. Heh, Gamecube back would be nice too.

Ruu-Chan, Irvy, Mizuho, Venus - Thanks for all your help and considerations toward me during the con. It was great to spend some time with everyone and enjoy myself. I just wish it lasted longer. Venus, thanks for taking the time out to introduce me to Ops.

Kevin - Hope you got home alright. I feel like a moron for a guide but hey as long as we get home it's all good. Hope you had a good time at your first con and I have to thank you again for helping me move stuff and all that. Just give me a call or I'll call you later so we can hang out.

MagiusT - Hopefully things have calmed down. Good that you still made it and had some fun

Everyone else - Good to hear you had a good weekend overall. I'm sure we can post whenever stuff comes up again. I'll put up pics in the next few days.

*edit* Oh yeah Catboi, I found this online from some of the ACEN photos.

Wow...I can't believe I took over 200 pics o.O

Burj Dubai (Khalifa) final height = 828 meters / 2,715'... wow!
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