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Talking meh driving up there from south fl ^^

weeeeh!! i can't wait for metrocon!!! ^^ i'm going to be driving up there with my older bro and a few other friends. i'm so glad that my older bro lives up there near tampa! ^^ i would sooooo love to stay at the hotel also, because all you ppls seem really cool and fun, and i wanna have fun too! ^^

i've been planning out my costumes, and recently i've been wondering what i should wear to the ff ball. i know i've been thinking of cosplaying mana for a long while now, and i decided to do french maid mana. itll be cool if i can carry around the same exact guitar he has. ^^

i think i may be going for the three days, but i might also want to cosplay as different ppls for the next two days. i've been thinking maybe reno, and maybe kaoru or gackt. ^^ i'm still trying to decide. ^^

but right now i'm wondering what i should show up to the ff ball as. i'm thinking of going ff theme. ^^
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