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*drools* Mana at the a danace for me!! lol

I'm having a bit of wig shopping troubles right now. Anyone know a nice place in Orlando that sells wigs? I'm sick of ordering online, but If I have to I will, I'd just like to see what's close to home before I result to the internet. Y'know , color matching troubles.

demonxlt: I love seeing the people who sit and perform and things like that. I always stop and view the art and listen for at least 5 minutes or so but my bf is coming and he likes to do the craziest stuff while cosplaying so he may keep me busy...but I'm gonna try at least!!!

Wish I had an older brother.. ;__; my little brother is too young and hyper to handle at a con (he's 9 going on 4 with serious ADHD) but one day he'll make a great addition to the cosplay community...I have my hope.
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