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Ok! There are really three main ways you can make a Sailor Mars tiara.

1.) Gold foil. In this way, you cut a piece of gold foil in a v-shape (like a tiara). Then, place it on your forehead and cut it right at your hairline. Glue a red jewel onto the foil in the middle of the v, but DO NOT do it with hot glue or else the foil will melt. With this type of tiara, you will have to attach it to your forehead with spirit gum. Some people have actually used fingernail glue. This is the least expensive route, but also the tackiest.

2.) Gold ribbon and felt. If you look at my avatar, that is a gold ribbon and felt tiara. Simply buy gold ribbon that is the desired width you wish your tiara to have. See how mine has that solid gold around the edge? That makes it look more like the grooves in the tiara. It's nicer that way. Anyway, purchase a square of gold felt and cut it in a v-shape, cutting it to again end at your hairline. You will then use iron-on adheasive and place two strips of the ribbon onto the felt. Make sure that at the point of the v, you cut the ribbons' ends in a slant so they will fit together. A bit of an overlap is ok since you will cover that seam up with a red jewel by using hot glue. Then, sew either a piece of gold thin flexible ribbon on each side so you can tie it on, or sew one piece of elastic on one side, bring it around, and sew the other end of the elastic to the other side. That way, you can just slip it onto your head. This is the second most expensive way, and it looks good!

3.) Brass tiara. I do not have a picture of my brass tiara yet, but that is what I have at this time. This is harder to make than the ribbon and felt tiara! Here, get a sheet of brass and cut out the v-shape. Then, with a small router tool, router the grooves into the brass. Then place the tiara on your forehead, cut away any excess that is over the hairline, and then press the brass against your forehead to shape it to the curve of your forehead. Hot glue a red jewel in the middle, then hot glue elastic onto the ends. Use a LOT of glue for that! This is the most expensive route, looks the best, but can be dangerous, and you must be careful with the edges because they DO cut! They are not suitable for children.
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