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Aww! You stole my suggestion, Hinata!! :P

There's more than just Cal in MC, though, so go thru the characters. For more art by the same guy (Kim Hyung-Tae), check out this page. He's got characters from War of Genesis game series, too, with some nice designs. The new MC is out, now, as well...

There's also Trinity Blood (novel series, but has some manga like illustrations). If this page ever loads, it should have images on it.

What else? Clamp work. If you like Shaoran, you might like his outfits from Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicle. Or some of their X works are quite pretty, but usually for the females, now that I think about it.

Try going thru games at or They have lots of art for cool new games.

Dynasty Warriors (vg), Soul Calibur (vg), Suikoden (vg), Amano artworks.... (Final Fantasy)...
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