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Well, I know for SURE you can wear costumes at the Hilton's Star Trek Expierience. I've done it before, and well..We all in costune wierded-out the "local Ferengi" that was employed to amuse the mundanes while eating at Quark's Bar. Good memories there!

Hmmm..The more I look at their web-site, the more i'm expecting this to be a SMALL con. They don't have a large dealer's room, and only one video-showing room, but I know all cons have to start somewhere! I'm hoping to go for a few hours, early Saturday, and maybe back on Monday.

Be forwarned: I'm more than likely NOT going to be cosplaying. No real desire for it. Plus, this heat! YUCK, it makes me not want to even think about it. ^_^
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