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This reply is a bit late... but I thought I might throw in my suggestion:
Target. I think they still have it in stock...
Target sells a ring-chain belt, that even has the end chain hanging by the clasp, like Raven's (though its only been shown in like 4 shots I've seen throughout the entire time I've watched the series. But it's there.)
The belt would need to be slightly altered: the front has rings that are black and white and the backs are silver. If you took gold spray paint to the whole thing, it would work well.
I looked to see it they had it on the Target website, but they don't show a lot of their stock online. So, just take a quick trip to your local Target. I think it was about $10. My buddy bought one to rip up to use on their songstress Rikku belt a short while back...
Hope that'll help someone.
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